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Motability Explained

The Motability Scheme is an amazing worry-free and affordable way to give those with disabilities, access to a brand new car by exchanging their mobility allowance to lease a car. With this scheme, all insurance, breakdown assistance, maintenance, and servicing is included in the price you pay. So, you can get your favourite new car, tailored to your requirements and accessibility, and can get it upgraded every 3 years too!

Easy Payments

The Motability Scheme is an easy way to ensure you make payments on your favourite mobility car. This is because payments are made from relevant benefits agencies directly, so there’s no admin for you to do! It should be noted that the Motability charity is separate from these agencies and so other financial or administrative agencies are contracted the responsibility of ensuring your payments are handled professionally.

You always have three options when it comes to paying for you Motability car. The first is that you can use your allowance to partially pay for a car, and keep the rest for yourself. Secondly, you can use all of your allowance for a vehicle, and thirdly, you can use your allowance for an advance payment, the extra specifications you require, or even the additional amount you need to pay for the car.


All Motability cars allow you to include additional drivers free of charge – whether it’s your partner or your pal, they can take the wheels when you’re not up to it, and it benefits you!

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