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Nissan Micra


Discover the Nissan Micra and its new features, new style, and new efficiency! With an array of colour options to personalise to your own taste, a new Nissan Micra is the perfect new car for you! This Micra is smarter and safer than ever before! Why? It features Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility systems to ensure every angle of the car is covered and protected from the smallest of obstacles, when it’s out of your sight. Intelligent Lane Intervention alerts you when you are veering out of your lane and even helps apply the brakes to keep you in your lane. This useful intelligence also helps drivers when parking and driving at night, thanks to Intelligent Emergency Braking and High Beam Assist. The clever sensors in the Micra mean it can register when you are driving too close to another vehicle and brakes for you, as well as respond to an oncoming vehicle by lowering the high bean automatically.

Exterior Design

Bold styling meets 5-door hatchback practicality. Attention to the details makes this city-friendly car stand out from the crowd.

Exterior Photo
Exterior Photo

Tailor your Nissan Micra to express your individuality with a mixture of colours, accent packs and decals; not to mention accessories like sculpted 17’‘ alloy wheels or loadcarriers.

Exterior Photo

As stylish from behind as it is from the front, the vivacious boomerang tail lights set the tone for this utterly modern city-friendly car.

Exterior Photo

Can you see it yet? ‘Why be like everyone else’ is the ethos of the Nissan Micra and the that holds true even for the humble door handle, cleverly hidden alongside the window.

Interior Design

The perfect blend of technology, design and space. Stretch out and enjoy impressive room, quality materials, and audacious design. There's space for baggage of all shapes and sizes in the Micra. Fold all the rear seats down to maximise the boot space, or just fold down one rear seat and the front passenger seat to fit in longer items.

Interior Photo
Interior Photo

The BOSE Personal sound system provides the car with sound as good as headphones to give all passengers the feeling of full immersion into your favourite tunes.

Interior Photo

You can also connect your phone with Apple CarPlay which allows you to function the 7" colour touchscreen to send and receive text messages and calls.

Interior Photo

What’s your favourite accent? Ours is one of the range of quality customisable accents you can get in a Nissan Micra, whether that’s the luxury of black leather or the sparkle of Power Blue.

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